Welcome to the Rug Archive! Here we’ll list some of the first projects in DeFi 2.0 that were scams or rug pulls.

NameNetworkRug DateAmount StolenDetails
HadesDAOAugust 19, 2021$360000

Devs tried to rug but could never get the OHM out of the contract. The contract managed to raise up to $300,000 in $OHM.

AsgardDAOAugust 26, 2021$

Soft rugged. Devs tried to return part of the funds.

AvarestDAOOctober 5, 2021$230000

The devs tried to pretend it wasn't a rug at first because the
project was funded with a Binance account.

InfinityDAONovember 5, 2021$25000

Main dev claimed he was planning to doxx himself but posted a fake (AI-generated) photo before the rug.

DoobDao FinanceNovember 6, 2021$87000

Rugged 4 days after launch despite having heavy emphasis on the "transparency" of the project.

RainDAONovember 8, 2021$1600000

The dev used TornadoCash to receive money before launching the token.

AnubisDAOOctober 29, 2021$61000000

Biggest rugpull to date. Case was reported to the New York
. Full timeline can be found here.

Fractal DAONovember 8, 2021$150000

Impossible to track how much money was rugged because the devs split the money into many different wallets.

Cosmos DAONovember 8, 2021$

Hours before the rugpull, the devs sent a message mentioning Raindao's rug and asking people to trust them. The pre-sale was made with Google Form and asked investors to send money to a Terra wallet.

The Rocket DAONovember 8, 2021$14000

Before the rug, there was some controversy between the team and one ofthe Trident DAO mods.

SHIBankNovember 10, 2021$100000

As can be seen on the transaction, the devs tried to rug but
ended up sending the tokens to a burn address.

ClockOhm DaoNovember 10, 2021$25000

The dev never shared a contract address. One of the Discord mods claimed the project was a scam hours before the rug.

Santa DAONovember 12, 2021$75000

Even though the project seemed quite fishy from the beginning and people on their Discord server were skeptical, many bought this.

The Ultimate PonziNovember 12, 2021$275000

Technically not a rug but the funds were stolen. The main dev used his private key on the contract and the attacker took control of his wallet.

Thames DAONovember 12, 2021$3000

There was an IDO before website, docs or tokenomics were
published. Rugged only a few days after launch.

Black DAONovember 16, 2021$20000

Twitter was created 48 hours before the sale.

Anime DAONovember 16, 2021$

The investors were asked to send money to an address
before website or docs were published.

SafyDAONovember 17, 2021$8000

The dev requested people to send money to a Solana wallet
which he previously used to scam people in other project

Poseidon DAONovember 17, 2021$11000

Main dev claimed he started the project after getting rugged
on another one.

Plutus DAONovember 21, 2021$3000

Since the project seemed fishy from the beginning, the dev
rugged after raising only 10% of the presale goal.

ShibOHMNovember 22, 2021$120000

Devs abandoned the project one week after launch. A big part
of the liquidity is still locked.

PepeBankNovember 23, 2021$350000

Rugged a few hours after launch. The project seemed fishy from the beginning and the devs showed numerous signs of incompetence.

FirebankNovember 23, 2021$20000

The fork was delayed mutiple times before actually launching.

SnowSeasonNovember 24, 2021$45000

Before the rug, the dev released a Medium article with poor
grammar claiming they were a woman.

ElectronDAONovember 24, 2021$700000

One of the biggest rugpulls to date. The money was sent to
Ethereum and finally the devs used TornadoCash.

RiseDAONovember 24, 2021$190000

Devs also asked the Discord moderators to send money to a
different Solana wallet.

MynosDAONovember 26, 2021$500000

The project had a standard template logo and forked three
different videogames to give access to whitelist.

LoveBankNovember 29, 2021$30000

The fork was delayed multiple times before launch date and
some of the contracts were available on GitHub.

SkyBlue DAONovember 29, 2021$

Project launched without website, documentation or Discord
server and Twitter account was a week old.

AlexandriaDecember 1, 2021$45000

Since only a few people from the whitelist bought the token,
the devs allowed anyone into the presale.

AnubDAODecember 2, 2021$145000

Took the Anubis reference way too far.

Trojan DAODecember 3, 2021$8000

Deployed an unverified contract for the presale that could
drain the buyer's wallet DAI balance.

MysteryX DAO$

Project was abandoned quickly after launch. Devs claimed they
would "take a day off" and closed all socials.

DaedalusDecember 5, 2021$125000

Whitelist was given to almost anyone who asked for it on
their Discord.

8ight FinanceDecember 7, 2021$850000

Devs claimed the private key got compromised despite
stating multiple times in the past they would use a multi-sig.

Shogun DAODecember 11, 2021$200000

Some of the community mods suspected it could be a rug
days before it happened.

MoonDAODecember 11, 2021$500000

Devs rugged both MoonDAO and BobaDAO the same day.

StarShipDAODecember 15, 2021$

Failed to rug after one its partnered projects, ICE DAO,
warned people about the scam

AzuraDAODecember 19, 2021$1000000

Rugged a few hours after IDO ended. The team also got away
with another million by selling a series of NFTs.

Venos DAODecember 19, 2021$290000

Presale started 1 week after project was announced.

KandylandDAODecember 21, 2021$280000

One of the devs rugged while the IDO was still ongoing. Head
of the project was KYC'd and will try to return the funds.

Prosperity DAODecember 22, 2021$

Since the project seemed fishy, it rugged quickly after
presale started.

Sundae DAODecember 22, 2021$70000

The devs claimed a fake partnership with an influencer in order
to attract more people to buy. Devs returned part of the funds.

Parrot DAODecember 23, 2021$70000

Launched 2 days after it was announced. Devs claimed they were
doxxed after posting a video with someone reading stuff related to the project from a computer.

SnowBearDecember 23, 2021$

Project was abandoned and social media closed about 1 week after launch. Contract was using a multi-sig with a third party.

Leaf DAODecember 26, 2021$35000

Another fine rug made in France.

Mango Farm$23500 stole ALL money from the presale (around $23,5k) TX: 0x4a63b92bcabac1cb2493a9ddb6f6c93b8cb750fc0c82d9f552306bfa123bd8a7

Seems to be the same dev as BananaFarm (rug after presale). Deployer account (0x4ee2...) has been funded by this another account, which has been responsible for the presale of the project mentioned above.


Data Dao Finance$
DataDAOFinance on #FTM contains HARD RUG CODE and is currently DRAINING WALLETS. Sovials deleted.
Swamp Finance$

It looks like Swamp Finance was abandoned. No communication from team for weeks. Site shut down earlier although back online now. If you are in Swamp, find the address of the vault you are in while site is up so if it crashes again you can emergency withdraw