Last updated: February 1, 2022, 12:05 AM

Tempo DAO is the first reserve-backed gaming currency on the Avalanche Network and a fork of the already successful Olympus DAO. The native token of Tempo DAO is $TEMPO. $TEMPO aims to be the reserve currency for play to earn games in the AVAX ecosystem. The Tempo DAO protocol relies on the bond and stake policy to raise treasury reserves and, in turn, rewards early adopters.

Tempo DAO aims to revolutionize the Play to Earn and GameFi space with the first reserve-backed currency that will support multiple projects related to gaming, NFTs, and much more on the AVAX Network.





Developing its own Play-to-Earn gaming studio. The first game the team will develop is called Project Lazarus, a space MMORPG. Rebases of the main token occur every 16 hours.
✅ Has partnered with Crescent Moon Games as well as with Crosschainfarm

✅ Founder is publicly doxxed

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GameFi, OHM-Inspired