Dome Finance

Dome Finance

Last updated: January 31, 2022, 12:58 PM

DOME Finance is an OHM fork on the Polygon network. Each $DOME is backed by a basket of treasury assets (USDC, DAI, etc) which gives it an intrinsic value it cannot fall below. Instead of relying on bonding as its sole source of treasury revenue (like other OHM forks do), DOME has multiple streams of income that flow to its treasury. Therefore, the protocol can sustain the APYs it pays out even if demand for bonds decline. This gives $DOME an edge over other protocols because it will always be backed by an ever-growing treasury.





Currently developing its own play-to-earn universe called DOMIVERSE. Their Medium articles go fully into detail about tokenomics, DAO and governance.

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NFT, OHM-Inspired