Frequently asked questions


Most frequent questions and answers

We’re a community of crypto enthusiasts mostly focused on analyzing and researching Olympus forks. Still, due to the nature of the cryptocurrency space, we’re open to new promising projects from other types.

We currently do not have a risk rating of the projects but we’re planning to implement one in the near future.

Do not take any of the information on the website as a guide to decide which ones to invest in. Please, do your own research before deciding to invest in any project.

We currently include all these projects on all blockchains:

  • Olympus forks
  • P2E games
  • NFTs
  • Metaverse
  • Gamefi

If you’re part of a project’s team and wish to get the information updated please get in touch with us and provide the information you believe needs to be updated. Every project can request 1 free update before launch.

There are multiple ways to advertise your project depending on what your aim is. We offer website advertising, social media promotion and AMAs (ask me anything) to qualified projects. Check advertising for more details.

Anyone can get in touch with the Olympians team and request for a project to be added to the website. You can contact us on our social media.