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Official Website Launch and Expanding

Introduction to our website and details on what's coming!
Official Website Launch and Expanding


Ever since the Olympus Forks, as well as the metaverse/gamefi narratives started to appear on the horizon for crypto I’ve wondered why there wasn’t a single website tracking all these projects thoroughly so that anyone on this space can access to all the information gathered about them, since it’d be easier for people to stay up to date with all the latest news from the projects they might be interested in.

Well… now that website exists: Enter the Olympians website! Your gateway to DeFi 2.0 and Gamefi. A single place to look for all the latest information regarding various types of protocols. While we still value Olympus-inspired projects, it’s time we evolve and include a much wider range of new ideas to keep the community growing and ahead of the latest trends.


From now on, The Olympians community will also include information and updates of all the projects in the following categories:

  • Olympus Forks (or projects inspired by it)
  • Play to Earn and Risk to Earn products
  • Any GameFi projects
  • Metaverse
  • NFTs
  • Titano Forks


For this to happen, we’re finally launching our long-awaited website. After so many “soon” announcements we’ve decided it’s time to let the community see what we’ve been working on and we’ll continue to work on. Reminder: this is the Athena (1.0) version of our site, meaning we plan on improving everything we can about it (those who found the Olympus forks spreadsheet already know we pay a lot of attention to details so expect the same level of depth when analysing new projects).

As we continue working on improvements, we’ll include more features, more projects, and a bunch of other stuff that anyone in crypto will find incredibly useful. Our page aims to be the best source of information and alpha in all the crypto space.

With that said, we hope you enjoy our website and if you have any suggestions or ideas we could implement you’re free to drop them on our Discord server or Telegram channel. We’re not stopping here and we’ll continue pushing new updates so that getting into Defi 2.0, Metaverse and Gamefi spaces gets easier for everyone!

We’re just getting started.

Article written by Oraculum.